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Our family is in awe of the outpouring of support we have received over these difficult past few days. We know many people are looking for a way to help, and the following two options have been set up for those interested in donating in lieu of flowers.

"We want to express our deepest thanks to everyone who donated money to the funds created in Allison's honor. All money that is donated to the Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund must be distributed to licensed charitable organizations, and to date with your help we have made significant donations to the following organizations:

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Ronald McDonald House Charities
International Child Art Foundation

Thank you all very much."

Neurontin dosage

Neurontin dosage

Allison was a kind-hearted little girl who had a lot of love to give, and she formed special bonds with most people who spent any amount of time with her. She loved her family and teachers especially, but would often surprise us with random acts of kindness - once even offering her Goldfish crackers to a complete stranger on a cross-country flight.

Allison loved drawing and wanted to be an artist, often turning parts of our house into an "art studio" with rows of pictures taped to the walls. She often drew pictures for her teachers, her school bus driver, school friends, relatives and anyone else she adored. We found a final picture that Allie had drawn for her first grade teacher, Miss Soto, complete with "I love you, Love Allie".

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Allison loved to laugh and her laugh just brightened the mood of everyone around her. She and her sister would often provide random moments of amusement for themselves and anyone else listening. Allison and her little sister recently had a lively discussion about the math abilities of aliens from outer space:

"I am an alien. I am from Mars. I can count to 100 by 10s" said our kindergartner (in a robot voice) who had no doubt just learned counting by 10s that week in school.

"I am from Jupiter and that is too easy. I can count to one billion…and one."

Allison made the world a better place for six, far too short years and we have been trying to figure out how to move on without her. She was a sweet, creative, funny, intelligent little girl who had an amazing life ahead of her. Our world is a lot darker now that she’s gone, but we have been finding signs of her everywhere and know that she will always be with us.

Allison, we love and miss you so much.

Mom & Dad

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Neurontin dosage

  1. Roman says:

    Dear Wyatt family,

    not one single day has passed by where i did not think about you and Allie.
    I deeply hope you have finally found peace in your heart. Be sure that Allie is save and playing joyfully in the fields of the lord.

    Love always wins.

    Big hugs from Austria,

  2. Alyce Misuraca says:

    Dear Cheyanne, Ben and Lauren,

    Allison’s beautiful smile will remain forever in our hearts. Your family has shown a tremendous amount of strength over the year. We love you and continue keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Alyce and Chris

  3. Charles Todaro says:

    Dear Allison Wyatt family,

    You are in my heart always and Allison’s beauty and love shines down from Heaven caring for us all. Thank you Allison.

    God love you,
    Charles Todaro

    Dover, N.H.

  4. Ronnie Kauffman says:

    Dear Wyatt family,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Allison with us. I will never forget her. I am still so heartbroken and I always will be. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me and many others.

    Mrs. Ronnie Kauffman and family
    Sparks, NV

  5. Emilia says:


    I often think and pray for all the families of Sandy Hook. Allison seemed like a very special little person. She has not been forgotten. May God comfort you always.



  6. Allison Meredith says:

    Every time I hear about this I just want to why the guy did this. I have lost a lot of my loved ones so I understand how you feel about losing your daughter Allison.